BüZe Review 2018

SchillingPlace for All.

Actions & Events at the Square

For the action weekend on November 9/10/11, 2018, Schillingplatz became an open living room.
Under the motto "Everybody needs a home", lectures, film and various actions as well as art and music created a temporary contact point where people from the district could come together and exchange ideas.

Despite low temperatures, the action weekend was well attended at times. The action weekend was filled with contributions to urban space design, a mobile screen-printing workshop, a lantern procession for St. Martin's Day, live music, cinnamon punch and discussions. At the end there was the possibility to get into conversation at the neighborhood cafe and tea.
Besides we asked ourselves the question: What makes a home? How can we shape the city together? How do we want to live together? How and where do we live, work and share ? What should our district look like today and in the future? In this way, an awareness of mutual togetherness could be awakened and the urban space could be temporarily shaped.

The Catholic and Protestant youth of Dresden-Löbtau, Konglomerat e.V., #Willkommen in der Werkstatt, the neighborhood meeting place PlatzDa, the street newspaper Drobs, the Dresdner Tafel, neighbors, friends and other locals participated...

A large part of the donations was given to the Dresdner Nachtcafes.