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You can participate according to your mood,
in different ways:

Join us for open workshop hours, workshops, classes, screenings, celebrations, and many other events

just have a look at our current program

Tell us about yourself, your ideas and plans

Get in touch - either by e-mail or during our open workshop hours.

Realize your own projects, support others, give courses or get involved in one of the work areas

If you want it, it will happen all by itself.

Use the workshops and equipment even without membership

You don't have to be a club member to work outside the program at #Rosenwerk. There are special rates for external use:

Join the association and become part of Konglomerat e.V.

Download the registration form, fill it out and don't forget the signatures (on the front and back!).

Mail or email us the completed form or drop it off in person during open workshop hours.

We also offer membership for initiatives, organizations and groups of other colours!

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