There are many conglomerates!

As Konglomerat e.V., we are experimenting with our future by doing things ourselves in open workshops and throughout the city of Dresden.

In doing so, we are establishing a culture of do-it-yourself in the spirit of DIT or DIY thinking, trying out practical approaches to sustainability and the circular economy and developing urban development for the common good from the bottom up.

Flirting - How to find your way in

Open workshops

The easiest way to get to know us and the open workshops: just drop by during opening hours! But before you go, make sure you check whether the open workshop is actually open. It is organized by wonderful volunteers.


#Rosenwerk Intros

The #Rosenwerk is our base, most of the workshops of Konglomerat e.V. are located here.

But what do we actually do? What is possible here? What tools & workshops are there? How can you join in? How is everything organized? What are the ideas behind it? Is this something for me?

Answers to these and many other questions can be found once a month at #RW INTRO (~1h). Please write to us at if you would like to take part.

Come along, whether you don't know us at all or already know us pretty well, whether you have a specific question or a more general interest.


You can also take a look at the open workshops listen in. In three podcasts we tell the world of the conglomerate!

Werkschau - The audio tour through the Dresden Rosenwerk Part 1
Werkschau - Heads with nails part 2
Werkschau - Heads with nails part 3

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Join in - become part of the conglomerate

Become a member

As a member, you can use the workshops freely, help shape the conglomerate, get to know really cool people and networks and, above all, empower yourself and take ownership of the world! You can find more information here.

Use workshops

You don't have to be a club member to use the workshops at #Rosenwerk. There are a whole range of options for this - depending on what you have in mind.

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Develop the infinite stories with us

Open wood workshop returns ✨
Thanks to some members who have recently volunteered to look after the open workshop, we can finally fill this gap again after a long break 🙌A first internal test run took place yesterday to finalize the details and staffing of the next dates: We have agreed on Wednesday 18:00-20:00 and want to have it every 2 weeks for the time being. Here is some more information:
Computer nostalgia
Long prepared - on April 27/28 the time had come. On the tables covered with white tablecloths, interested visitors found 5 "old-timers" of computer technology ready to play. Another 5 places simulated the "old-timers" on modern computer technology - everything was hands-on and hands-on. The children particularly enjoyed the pixelated games. These were still played using cassettes or floppy disks. It was also possible to show how, if you are interested, you can still get back to the originals of that time on modern devices.All in all - a success, even if the number of visitors did not meet our expectations.
The spring flea market at the Neues Volkshaus Cotta
On Saturday, April 13, 2024, the residents of Cotta moved to the meadow between the Hebbelstraße playground and the Neues Volkshaus Cotta to have a good time. 30 stalls were set up with all kinds of children's things, toys, books, technology and much more. The children and adults also enjoyed 3D printing. Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the beautiful sunshine. Coffee and cake were provided in abundance.Thank you to everyone involved!We look forward to seeing you at the next flea market. This is expected to take place on September 14, 2024.
New planer - a dream
The woodworking shop has been established through a combination of Classified ad deals, account looting, and crowdfunding a awesome new planer!Delivery was an adventure, but now it's sitting pretty and planing away quietly