Wood workshop projects 2023

Projects 2023

a small selection of the projects that have been created in the wood workshop this year:

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Vincent: Vanity unit

Description: I got a few planks of ash from a friend and used them to build an almost completely solid vanity unit, except for the sides of the body and the drawers.

What was good: I had already designed a lot of it in CAD beforehand (Fusion360) - that saved me a lot of time in the workshop and I could then just build according to plan

Not so good: My aim was also to integrate the washbasin nicely somehow. As a flat modern washbasin was not an option (rented apartment), I could only try to make a suitable cut-out. I helped myself with a cardboard template, but it was super annoying and took forever :)

Material: Ash

Construction time: 2-3 months

here it is ready
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Tobias: Camper van extended

Description: A camping cabinet for the car with hotplate, sink, kitchen drawer, open clothes compartment, compartment as bed extension and bed box, space for 2x 20L water tanks (supply and waste water) and a second battery.

What was good: Using the (wooden) workshop of the conglomerate :)

Not so good: The corner joints with standard aluminum brackets and threaded inserts turned out to be extremely time-consuming. I would choose something more practical here.

Material: Multiplex birch 12mm with melamine coating

Construction time: approx. 1 year (incl. some waiting times for parts)

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Marcel: Ikea Hemnes Soundboard

Description: I wanted to bring a new country house style into the living room and at the same time place my oversized center speaker inconspicuously. So I bought a used IKEA Hemnes TV board for 20€ in the classifieds and refurbished it. Sanded it down, moved the top panel up by about 5 cm, fitted the speakers, painted, soldered and enjoyed the movie.

What was good: The savings. We're talking about a maximum of €40 with paint and small items. The board costs more than 300€ new in the decor. I love classified ads.

Not so good: I built a complete cabinet with veneer for the center six months earlier! You could have saved yourself that.

Material: Spruce (Ikea Hemnes), MDF for the internal speaker cabinet

Construction time: Hard to say. The cabinet had been standing around for three quarters of a year. But the actual working time added up to maybe half a week.

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Marcel: Center speaker

Description: Large center speaker for the home cinema. As always, the cabinet is made of MDF. But I wanted to have a nice oak veneer over it. I was able to attach this to the body with wood glue and an iron. I did the crossover and final assembly at home. The cutting was done in the wood workshop.

What was good: I had some MDF left over from a larger project. I was able to use that for this straight away.

Not so good: The cut-out for the recessed tweeter was too narrow. I then had to use a file to enlarge the cut-out. Unfortunately, it looked a bit unattractive in that spot.

Material: MDF for the housing. Oak for the veneer

Construction time: approx. 2 months with breaks.

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Marcel: Subwoofer

Description: I was looking for a new subwoofer. I wanted significantly more precision and pressure in my living room. So I looked for something with a large displacement and found an old design from 2003 in the archive. I hunted for parts in the classifieds for over 2 months (they don't make them anymore) and started cutting them in Konglo at the beginning of 2023. The device works. But it doesn't look nice yet. MDF natural look. I'll have to work on that again.

What was good: Fortunately, the sliding table saw can also easily cut thick wooden hams, and the front panel of the subwoofer is 36 mm thick. My circular saw in the garden would gasp. The sliding table saw doesn't even cough

Not so good: For once, everything went well

Material: MDF for the housing

Construction time: approx. 2 weeks

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Markus: Sewing ponny

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Projects from Jens

Book holder for the bathtub, dining table, workbench & "slatted frame"