Life has moved in!

The opening bash

The saying "We bring life to the place" finally came true!
"Welcome!" was the motto for our opening party from April 14 to 16.

On Friday, April 14, 2023, the New People's House Cotta was opened by a vernissage called "Pictures from Cotta and the World" by Mr. Tiesler, with a small snack and champagne reception. The event ended at 7 p.m. with a joint meal with a fun bingo.

Saturday, 15.04.2023: Singing could be heard from afar - Come on, let's go in! The choir from Gorbitz showed their singing skills at a public rehearsal. If you want to join us, you can always do so on Mondays.
The house was presented and also the volunteer groups, e.g. the repair café and the garden group - maybe you are interested in joining us?
A reading of the writing workshop Gorbitz also took place. Some visitors talked about "back then" and their memories of the Volkshaus from the past ("I used to work there, up there on the left by the window!", "Right out there was the open-air cinema. You can still see it today."). There was even an open-air stage on the nearby playground.
On Saturday, the tenants from the creative industries who had moved in also opened their doors. The ceramists Marre & Katja had brought in musical accompaniment with great singing. The artist Victoria showed her art and explained her approach and there was even lead casting.
The weather was not so cooperative, but still brought many guests outside to the Garten AG. Here one could also learn a lot about the history of the Volkshaus.
At the end there was a double concert with Generation Breakdown. There was the musician who also had the last gig in the Volkshaus before it closed its doors to the public at that time. We celebrated the New Volkshaus Cotta until late in the evening!

Sunday, 04/16: The day started with the words: "The coffee machine does not work!" ... But the problem passed quickly and was fixed. Then it went off with the neighborhood breakfast. After a changeover break, the garden party began at 3 p.m. - actually. Already from half past two, people wanted to know: "What's happening here?"
There was again great music from the 2-Mensch-Band and a few tours through the house.
It was great weather, despite a few drops in the afternoon. A great highlight was the tree planting, organized and created by Ruth, with previous great speech by Sarah from the team. Now we have planted something for the future!
There were many great activities for children and adults indoors and outdoors: Whether painting for children, a visit to the clown Madame Klimbim, ice hockey shooting or marble run or potting your own plants at the AG Garten - everyone was thrilled!
With café and homemade cake, many a great conversation was held.
From 6 p.m. the guests went home and the team celebrated themselves some more!

Thank you to everyone - whether at the bar or organizing or guests - for a great weekend!

See you soon
Kevin from the VHC Team

Pictures from Rainer & Kevin