Impressions from the construction work

Rome was not built in a day either

We take the Mediterranean city as a model and continue to build diligently in the almost ancient walls of the New People's House. Some stones still have to fall, some screws still have to be turned and some holes still have to be plastered.

After we had made a breakthrough and filled and painted many openings during the past construction work, it was time to bring more light into the rooms on August 6, 2022. In the future community office (with a view of the Volkshaus garden), the screws were removed from the built-in walls in meticulous detail work and these walls were then removed from the room. There was light!

But that was not all! Once the power was cut, Sarah swung herself up on a ladder and dismantled all the electronics of the event hall (including the view of the garden) upside down. This is an important step in preparing for a bigger undertaking. In September, the ceiling in this room will be upgraded for fire protection.

And, of course, no construction project should be without dirt and dust. And so Alex skillfully plastered all the remaining holes in the walls. From cracks in the walls to large openings that were installed for nothing at some point in the history of the Volkshaus.

And things got really hot in the courtyard of the Volkshaus. Here Sandro welded together the first measures for barrier-free access.

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