Review of Participation October 2021

October was really busy

What a blissful month of October! In the bright autumn sunshine and in the midst of colorful leaves we had the opportunity to get to know you as neighbors in the garden of the New People's House Cotta. We have found many inspirations, ideas and also new comrades-in-arms - thank you!

Here is a short review of the days by Kevin from the Volkshaus team

On Wednesday, 13.10.21 the time had come: the first day of participatory events was coming up. I myself was there from 3pm and it was called "soldering and graffiti". I as a hobby photographer decided to accompany the afternoon and only at the next time (on 20.10.21) to go to hand and to solder or to turn to the topic graffiti. Because my practice in soldering was more than long ago. So I could check on 13.10 first whether this is now something for me. Sarah from the Volkshaus team was very taken with what Alwin (the soldering master) was doing. She enthusiastically mastered the task of building a synthesizer. Alwin talked about what he does, that he makes electronic music and that's why he came to soldering. Because Alwin makes electronic music with the help of soldering modules even professionally on - pretty cool guy!!
Around 5 p.m. we devoted ourselves to the graffiti workshop of Tarek, the graffiti expert. The first children stormed the garden to let off steam while graffiti painting. Through intressante briefings of Tarek could quickly find new talents on our two large provided white walls. Because with Graffiti counts that one simply starts and tries itself out around also a picture on the wall to get. The children had their fun. And also their parents and the members of the Volkshaus team liked it very much. The hour with Tarek went by much too fast and everyone was happy that there was the same program with Alwin & Tarek again on 20.10! 18 o'clock we left the location and cleaned up. What a grand start to the participatory offerings 🙂

A week later, on Wednesday 10/20-21, the Volkshaus opened its garden doors again. A day to cheer! Soldering and graffiti part 2 was on the program and afterwards: our first plenum in the Volkshaus Cotta - an anniversary, so to speak.
I myself was not really photographically at work this time, but dedicated myself to soldering. After a short consultation with Alwin, the soldering of the Synteshizer started - really great part! This time we soldered outside in the sunshine 🙂
Acquaintances and a few new faces dedicated themselves to their soldering challenges and so the time passed as always much too fast, so that it went ratzi fatzi directly 5 pm to the Graffiti. The crowd of kids stormed the graffiti station again and inspired with new murals and their graffiti arts. When it got dark, the kids went home. And we started our very first Volkshaus intro at 6pm in the Volkshaus. Many new faces - and a few old ones - were there. Very nice!
Then to the plenary came the best news of the day: we finally have a lease and may soon start cleaning up and expanding. So - it remains exciting!

The next event was not long in coming: on Thursday, October 28, the last of our events from Mit-Mach-October took place: this time with breakdance and light painting.
Arrived at 3 p.m. and with full anticipation for the evening, which I was allowed to accompany photographically, my afternoon started at the Volkshaus. Unfortunately without breakdance, because the participants were missing... but we are flexible and instead the three of us chatted about this and that: how and why one comes to breakdance etc.. In between I took some autumn pictures of the house and garden and so it was then quite fast 18 o'clock.
The Lightpainting was on the program: the first parents with their children came and mastered with eagerness the Lightpainting evening, with any kind of illuminants like flashlights, glow sticks, cell phones or sparklers. No matter if in threes, twos or alone: they conjured up pictures in the camera! That went by the method of the long time photographs and/or long time exposure.
It was a spectacle of the special kind, which made correctly fun! Even Anna was beside herself. And so we brought devils, angels, flowers or rings into the air. Then the evening came to an end and we closed the gates of the Volkshaus for the time being.

See you very soon,
your Kevin