BüZe Review 2021

Löbtau Advent

For the Löbtauer Advent on 2021 the music played again at the BücherZelle...

The Schillingplatz became the stage for numerous musicians and actors in the afternoon. Emil Ueberall and the Tharanther Küchenquartett played and the gospel choir, the neighbors and district initiatives provide a colorful program around the BücherZelle, at the Kesselsdorfer Straße and Gärtnerei Artenreich. together with Löbtop e.V., AWO, the churches, musicians and friends from the neighborhood we had a wonderful Löbtauer Advent.

Also in 2021 there were musical contributions at the BücherZelle

among others Merle, Diva Daneben, Meta & Maru, Granateze and NaN from Berlin played