1. Walk and Talk in Cotta

The Walk and Talk was so beautiful

Wow, how nice!
Finally we could invite you again - and there were really many of you! Jan had organized a great walk with several stops through our new neighborhood around the New Volkshaus Cotta.

After a short introduction we started from Hebbelplatz and went directly to a small house, where the resident told us that it used to be a small homestead. You can't imagine it in today's dense development... We continued to the house Boden, which is still inhabited on the one hand, but on the other hand also serves as a museum. Here you could get an insight into how small apartments were furnished and lived in the past - without TV 😉 Then we went across the traffic-chaotic Warthaer Platz (which is not a square at all) to the Beatpol, where you can hardly imagine that this was once a magnificent ballroom - only the golden ceiling and an old column still testifies to the splendor. But today it still serves as a concert hall! Afterwards, we marveled at the tjg's new workshop, which was built right next to the now sadly empty old tjg building. We hope that this building, built in 1886 and formerly known as the "Constantia Ballroom", will soon be reawakened from its slumber! We strolled over the re-established vineyard right next to it to our last stop: Faust's Winery. It is amazing what little idyll the building community has built there. After the 3-hour tour in the sun, we arrived exhausted and happy at the Volkshaus, where we were already awaited with cool drinks and barbecue food - great!

Thanks to all the people who supported the organization and implementation of the Walk and Talk and gave us an insight into their places of work and life! We are very happy to become part of this very diverse and beautiful neighborhood 🙂