The New People's House in hibernation

The lockdown hits us too

In all the darkness, the cold and the semi-lockdowns, the Volkshaus stands still in Cotta. But it is not completely inanimate. A lot has happened since Participation Month in October, but only in small internal circles due to the pandemic situation.

The expansion and remodeling has begun with an initial cleanup: the toilets are now spotless, the first holes plugged and the vast majority of spiders moved out. Our AG Bau has forged a plan for all measures. We expect to be busy until the summer of 2022 with many smaller and larger expansion and conversion measures, in cooperation with the state capital Dresden. As soon as there is news, you will read about it on this blog.

In addition, our fundraising campaign is progressing well. If you want to give us a little Christmas present, please leave us some change:

As long as the association's activities are at a standstill, the Volkshaus will also remain closed. For a little ray of hope, we have put some decorations in the windows - come and have a look! We hope to see you again in spring in the garden of the Volkshaus.

We wish you a peaceful time and a good start into the new year.
Your Volkshaus-Team