There are many conglomerates!

As Konglomerat e.V., we are experimenting with our future by doing things ourselves in open workshops and throughout the city of Dresden.

In doing so, we are establishing a culture of do-it-yourself in the spirit of DIT or DIY thinking, trying out practical approaches to sustainability and the circular economy and developing urban development for the common good from the bottom up.

Flirting - How to find your way in

Open workshops

The easiest way to get to know us and the open workshops: just drop by during opening hours! But before you go, make sure you check whether the open workshop is actually open. It is organized by wonderful volunteers.


#Rosenwerk Intros

What are we actually doing? What is possible here? What tools & workshops are available? How can you take part? How is everything organized? What are the ideas behind it? Is this something for me?

Answers to these and many other questions can be found once a month at #RW INTRO.

Come along, whether you don't know us at all or already know us pretty well, whether you have a specific question or a more general interest.


You can also take a look at the open workshops listen in. In three podcasts we tell the world of the conglomerate!

Werkschau - The audio tour through the Dresden Rosenwerk Part 1
Werkschau - Heads with nails part 2
Werkschau - Heads with nails part 3

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Join in - become part of the conglomerate

Become a member

As a member, you can use the workshops freely, help shape the conglomerate, get to know really cool people and networks and, above all, empower yourself and take ownership of the world! You can find more information here.

Use workshops

You don't have to be a club member to use the workshops at #Rosenwerk. There are a whole range of options for this - depending on what you have in mind.

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Develop the infinite stories with us

This year, our keinKalender will once again provide some Christmas surprises, and next year it will nestle carefully on nails in walls. The first motifs are ready, and the festive release will take place on December 15th in the Änderei. So if you want a copy, we strongly recommend you to be at the start in the Änderei;)
Büze in Advent
It was wonderful!The Löbtau Advent has become a small tradition. Young and old once again have the opportunity to stroll through the district together. on the first weekend of Advent on Saturday, December 2, there was plenty to discover in the Löbtop district store and the Artenreich nursery at Neuer Annenfriedhof, on Kesselsdorfer Straße, the Müller bakery - traditional stollen cutting - Robert Koch pharmacy - make your own ointments - Gohliser Str. 1 district store - handicrafts and bazaar store - Emil-Überallstraße 6 free storeFrom 3 p.m. onwards, the event turned into a colorful hustle and bustle at Schillingplatz...The Advent parish and the local St. Antonius parish, the Welcome to Löbtau association and the Workers' Welfare Association provided children's punch, culinary delicacies from all over the world and handicrafts between pavilions and fire bowls. In addition, the gospel choir of the Frieden und Hoffnung parish provided Christmas cheer as part of this volunteer-organized festival from 4 pm. From 5 p.m., the band Jacamara played rhythmic and lively percussion music.the day slowly came to an end.We cordially invite you to take advantage of the other offers in the districtand look forward to seeing you again...Here are some more impressions of Advent 2022 >>In cooperation with Löbtop e.V. , initiatives and neighboring communities
Kids for Cotta
During various (outreach) workshops in the district, children and young people from different social backgrounds were able to come together and put their creative ideas into practice.They worked "sustainably creatively" and conjured up new and exciting objects from various recyclable materials.In a fashion workshop, old items of clothing were reworked using screen printing, sewing and tinkering to create their own fashion creations.During a TikTok workshop, which also took a critical look at the media format, young people were able to become environmental activists in short videos and campaign for recycling, for example.Finally, old skateboards were turned into new shelves and wardrobes for their own teenagers' rooms.Afterwards, we were able to show the results during a small exhibition at Ä.n.d.e.r.e.i. and celebrate with our loved ones.Many thanks to "Künste öffnen Welten" and "Kultur macht stark" for their support, to the Medienkulturzentrum and the Crossmediatour as well as to our partners Montagscafé and Treberhilfe Dresden and the Ferienpass Dresden for their cooperation.Greetings go out to Bautzen rollt ev, with thanks for the skateboards!
Workshop morph concrete & sewing workshop
In our workshop morph we think about a new thing, a new thing, a new workshop, a new something together with the sewing workshop. We were morphed together with them. We're not revealing what's coming out yet, but you'll see soon!