Kids for Cotta

That was the "Kids for Cotta" summer!

During various (outreach) workshops in the district, children and young people from different social backgrounds were able to come together and put their creative ideas into practice.

They worked "sustainably creatively" and conjured up new and exciting objects from various recyclable materials.

In a fashion workshop, old items of clothing were reworked using screen printing, sewing and tinkering to create their own fashion creations.

During a TikTok workshop, which also took a critical look at the media format, young people were able to become environmental activists in short videos and campaign for recycling, for example.

Finally, old skateboards were turned into new shelves and wardrobes for their own teenagers' rooms.

Afterwards, we were able to show the results during a small exhibition at Ä.n.d.e.r.e.i. and celebrate with our loved ones.

Many thanks to "Künste öffnen Welten" and "Kultur macht stark" for their support, to the Medienkulturzentrum and the Crossmediatour as well as to our partners Montagscafé and Treberhilfe Dresden and the Ferienpass Dresden for their cooperation.

Greetings go out to Bautzen rollt ev, with thanks for the skateboards!