Open sewing workshop

Datum: 09.11.2023 17:00 bis 09.11.2023 21:00
in the open sewing workshop, you can learn how to repair your trousers on the sewing machine or create new knickers from your favorite knickers. You'll find materials, know-how and lots of inspiration here! Come by with your idea or just for fun. We look forward to seeing you! Directions: You will find us at Jagdweg 1-3 01159 Dresden, large staircase. Our bell is at the mailboxes on the left side. In the open Workshop for sewing you can learn how to repair your jeans or to upcycle your t-shirt to a new undie. You can find a lot of funky material, know how and a lot of inspiration! Have a look! We look forward to you! You find us on #Rosenwerk Jagdweg 1-3 01159 Dresden, big staircase, on the left side by the mailboxes is our ring. Please ring strongly! #Open_WS Join via Google Hangouts: